Internation Study / Summer Camp

 International Student Service

Can Board Immigration –International Study Department is helping potential students applying to the suitable institution basing on their own condition ( transcripts, personality, family income etc.). The same effort applies to the overall arrangement for the custodian, homestay and other relevant visas to facilitate one-stop service.

Consulting Service

Can Board had been working with more than 200 pubic and private education institution all over Canada ( and USA ) for years, which help students make suitable decisions on an objective way.

School Researching 

With expertise in applying for the Key schools ( elementary / high / college / university) in North America, Can Board is offering tailored made international study plan for each candidate. Furthermore, the experts in different fields are providing consulting in how to make your application more attractive basing on the facts of course.

Visa application

Can Board is providing 24/7 services for urgent visa application / extension / restoring for current clients and potential candidates. With years’ record in tackling challenging cases, we are rendering head-to-toe professionalism in ensuring the success.

Home-stay service

We are confident in helping students finding out the most satisfactory homestay place and ensure students are getting benefits in language learning as well as culture study.

Custodian Service

Parents are extremely comfortable with all custodian services Can Board renders to their own children since we are YOUR parents. All custodians are strictly selected.

Airport service

Licensed service in airport picking up and all miscellaneous services needed to help you settle down.

Immigration Settlement service 

Can Board Immigration, with licensed Regulated Immigration Consultant(s), makes most efficient and effective immigration strategy to all international students and their family( parents) to maximize the available budget. We are Specialist in Immigration!


Summer Camp – Making good use of the limited time in vacation to learn English while adapting to local cultures, habits.  We are offering a large range of summer camps to accompany parents’ schedule while caring your security and safety in such an impressive Summer.

We had successfully assisted in getting study permit for applicants from 6 years old to 40 years old.
Should you or your children got rejected before for the study permit, please do not hesitate to contact our professional consultant in Education Jessica to work out an efficient solution and the re submission schedule.

From 2016, our group is organising one Deluxe Summer Camp Group each year. Should you be interest in that, please register as soon as possible since we only have limited enrollments of 20 students. Here is the direct contact: or cell:001  778 683 1288.


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