About Us

Can Board Immigration Group Ltd., a well recognized local licensed immigration company , holds a talented team of professional lawyers, CPA(Certified Public Accountants) and experienced Licensed  Canadian Immigration Consultants (R.C.I.C.) regulated by ICCRC, Canada.

With a strong customer service team, the company with HQ in is now expanding  its three locations in CBD area in both Vancouver and Burnaby, BC.

We are extremely highly recognized in Skill Worker Schemes , Investment Schemes and Challenging Permanent Resident Card Extension/ Citizenship Application cases  in the past years with our immigration professionalism, expertise and detail oriented attitude towards each case.

We offer  Tailor Made Immigration Application Solutions (TMIAS) to you and your family with continuous following up. The systematic documentation management systems ensure your file being saved in file for up to 6 years with long term  consulting services. WE MIND YOUR CASE! 

Our professionalism focuses on BCPNP Investment Scheme (including the updated 100k investment Pilot Project),  EE BCPNP, Work permit for technicians, New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program( PNP), Saskatchewan Nominee Program ( SPNP) ,the updated Skilled Worker ( Talent) programs, Student Visa, Challenging PR card and Citizenship files etc.

Professional RCIC Canada : 

Shirley J. Liu 

RCIC Canada / Saskatchewan- Regulated Immigration Consultant

Member of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

Expertise in SK PNP and Documentation Processing; experienced in appealing for refugees and got track record of approval. She is high lighted by her numerous spouse sponsorship application inland or outland.

Jessica M.L.

CICC  Immigration Consultant / RCIC Canada

Member of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

Commissioner of Taking Affidavit for BC

Jessica L. focus on local BC PNP regular investment schemes and all those permit processing cases from inland Canada. She is an expert in most challenging casese in Citizenship and PR card extension with ICCRC ethnic. She is most respected by local loyal clients.

Y.T. Kuang 
Office Manager
B.A. Degree in Law
Marketing Deparment 
Zion  L. by : Canboardimmigrationteam@gmail.com